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What is an expert witness? And what is their role in Los Angeles truck accident cases?

Expert witnesses are often used in Los Angeles truck accident cases to give their professional opinion regarding a factual matter involved in a case. Expert witnesses are individuals who have a high degree of knowledge in a specific area. Expert witnesses often have superior experience, skills, education, or training in an area which exceed that of an average person. Effectively using an expert witness in a truck accident case can be critical in obtaining a truck accident victim the most favorable settlement they may be entitled to. Expert witnesses are used at various stages of a lawsuit, and provide attorneys with valuable information regarding the specifics of a truck accident. There are many different types of expert witnesses, and depending on the details of the truck accident case, a combination of expert witnesses can be used to obtain the information desired.

Examples of expert witnesses that are used in truck accident cases are:
- Medical experts
- Economists
- Engineering experts
- Safety experts
- Vocational Rehabilitationist
- Accident Reconstructionist

In Los Angeles truck accident cases, expert witnesses are used for many different purposes. For instance, medical experts can provide attorneys with information regarding how a truck accident victim’s injuries were caused, what types of treatment will have to be performed to treat the injuries, and how long it will take the truck accident victim to fully recover. An accident reconstructionist on the other hand can provide attorneys with information pertaining to the exact cause of the truck accident, and how the truck driver acted negligently or recklessly. And a economist or financial expert can be used to provide information relating to the truck accident victim’s loss of income, or how their future income will be affected by their injuries.

The Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at California Attorney Group have vast experience utilizing expert witnesses to advance our client’s interests. Our experienced LA truck accident attorneys have developed a strong network and relationship with many different types of experts to aid in getting you the best settlement you may be entitled to. We deal with truck accidents on a daily basis and we know how and when an expert can be used to maximize your entitled to compensation. If you or a loved one has any questions regarding your truck accident case, or any questions involving expert witlessness, do not hesitate to call one of our friendly L.A. truck accident attorneys at 1-800-337-8547.