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What happens at a Los Angeles truck accident trial?

A Los Angeles truck accident case that leads to trial must be handled with experienced and trained hands. Leaving the often technical and specific nature of these kinds of cases to a personal injury attorney without the particular experience in truck accident or truck injury cases can end unsatisfactorily. If you are looking for a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer who has experience seeing truck accident cases go to trial, contact the California Legal Group today at 1-800-337-8547. Our friendly truck accident lawyers will be happy to answer any of your legal questions, and address any concerns you may have regarding your truck accident case.

Many people have an idea of what a trial looks like because of popular courtroom dramas and movies. However, in reality a truck accident trial is a lot more complicated, time consuming and expensive than what appears on T.V. or in the movies. Because of the complications, extra costs and time consuming nature of trials–they are very rare in Los Angeles truck accident cases. The fact of the matter is that 90% of truck accident cases in California do not go to trial. Instead, these cases are settled out of court before or even after a law suit is filed. Although the vast majority of truck accident law suits do not move forward to trial, truck accident trials do occur occasionally when the parties cannot reach an amicable settlement.

If a truck accident case does move forward to trial, you can expect the Plaintiff and Defendant to go up against each other to try and resolve the dispute in their own favor. There are formal rules and regulations that each side must follow in a trial, including how the procedure of a trial works, the types of evidence presented, the questions that car accident attorneys can and cannot ask witnesses, and how to select a jury.

The Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at California Attorney Group have provided a short outline below describing the different trial phases in a truck accident case:

Jury Selection:
During this phase, the attorneys for the Plaintiff and Defendant will question potential jurors, and be given the opportunity to exclude jurors who may be harmful for their case.

Opening Statements:
Attorneys for both the Plaintiff and Defendant will describe their case to the jury, and describe an outline for the arguments they will make throughout the trial. Additionally the attorneys will tell the jury what the evidence will prove.

Witness Testimony & Cross Examination:
This is the most time consuming portion of the trial. The attorneys for the Plaintiff and the Defendant will take turns calling and questioning witnesses and experts to give oral testimony regarding the case.

The attorneys will also be given the opportunity to cross-examine the opposing parties witnesses to try and discredit, and deflate the testimony given.

Closing Arguments:
In closing arguments, both the Plaintiff and Defense attorneys will orally present a summary of their arguments and evidence in a persuasive manner to the jury.

Jury Instructions:
The Judge presiding over the trial will instruct the jury on what basis and grounds they must decide the case that has been presented to them. This will include on what basis the jury can find the Defendant liable, and how much compensation the Plaintiff should be awarded.

Jury Deliberation & Verdict:
After the Jury has been instructed by the Judge, they will meet privately to determine the outcome, or verdict of the case. Jury deliberations can vary in length.

After the jury is finished deliberating, the judge will announce their decision to the court. This is called the jury verdict.

Truck accident trials are an expensive and lengthy process, requiring proper preparation, strategy and a skilled, experienced lawyer with plenty of court time pursuing just these kinds of cases. If you or a loved one has been in a Los Angeles truck accident and are seeking experienced and successful legal representation from a seasoned personal injury attorney, contact the LA truck accident lawyers at California Attorney Group today at 1-800-337-8547.