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What types of property damages are caused by truck accidents in Los Angeles?

The types of collisions that occur in Los Angeles truck accidents can cause catastrophic property damage due to the sheer size of a truck. If you have been involved in a truck accident in Los Angeles, and you have suffered property damage, contact the experienced truck accident lawyers at California Attorney Group. Our friendly truck accident attorneys will be happy to answer any of your legal questions. We can be reached toll free at 1-800-337-8547.

The most common type of property damage that results from a truck accident in Los Angeles, is damage to a truck accident victim’s automobile. Because trucks are so large, when they collide with another’s vehicle, the damage caused can be very great. In addition to a truck accident victim’s automobile, a truck accident can also cause property damage to personal valuable property. For example, lets say you are involved in a truck accident while wearing an expensive wrist watch, and the force and shock of a truck colliding in to your vehicle made you smash your wrist against the interior of your automobile shattering your watch. Another example of property loss would be if your expensive laptop computer was severely damaged after a truck smashed in to the rear of your vehicle causing the computer to get crushed.

The amount of compensation you can recover for the damage to your automobile and/or personal property will depend on a multitude of factors. The experienced truck accident lawyers at California Attorney Group can help to accurately calculate the amount of property damage you may be entitled to. If you have automobile insurance, your insurance company can cover the cost of the repair to your vehicle, or will determine that the vehicle has been “totaled.” If your insurance company determines that your vehicle has been “totaled” it is considered a complete loss and you will be paid a cash value for your automobile. Nonetheless, property damage costs can be claimed as a form of damages from the truck driver involved in the accident. Therefore you may be able to recover the costs of repair to your vehicle from other parties involved in the accident.

If you have been in a truck accident in Los Angeles and have questions about property damage, the experienced and friendly Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at California Attorney Group can help you. Our LA truck accident lawyers have dealt with hundreds of truck accident cases. We know how to aggressively fight for your legal rights, and will employ our network of experts and medical professionals to aid you in getting the best settlement offer you may be entitled to for your injuries. If you have any questions about your truck accident, or specifically about property damage, please contact us toll free at 1-800-337-8547, and we will be happy to discuss your case with your in detail.