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How can you settle a truck accident claim before filing a law suit?

The experienced and savvy truck accident lawyers at California Attorney Group are proficient and fierce negotiators when it comes to truck accident settlements. Our truck accident attorneys have settled many truck accident lawsuits with insurance companies way before needing to file a lawsuit. Settlement negotiations are always on going, and our dedicated legal team will constantly strive to reach the most favorable settlement you may be entitled to. In fact, even if a law suit needs to be filed, settlement negotiations will continue. If you have any questions regarding settlement of your truck accident case, call our friendly truck accident lawyers today toll free at 1-800-337-8547.

Keep in mind that the parties to a Los Angeles truck accident often strive to achieve an early amicable settlement because of the risks, costs and exposure of going to trial. However, you should be aware that truck driver insurance companies will try and get you to accept an early “low ball” settlement offer! Do not get taken advantage of, instead hire an experienced Los Angeles truck accident attorney to advise you, and negotiate with insurance companies for the best settlement offer you may be entitled to. Many times truck accident victims accept these “low ball” settlements early on, and later are bombarded with continued medical expenses for their injuries. Before accepting a settlement offer, think about the severity of your injury, and how long you will need medical treatment.

You should know that any settlement offers which are made by the Defendant in a truck accident matter, will always be presented to you by one of our trusted LA truck accident lawyers before any decision is made. Only when you consent to the proposed settlement offer will one of our attorneys accept the settlement offer on your behalf. However, keep in mind, if you decide to accept a settlement offer, you agree to not sue the Defendant for the truck accident he or she caused.

The Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at California Attorney Group know how to judge worthwhile settlements, and can advise you as to whether to accept or wait before accepting a settlement offer. If you have been offered a settlement in connection with a car accident case, do not hesitate to contact our LA truck accident attorneys and we will help you to make the best decision. Our friendly truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles can be reached toll free at 1-800-337-8547.