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Do I have to go to trial for my truck accident case?

One of the first questions our clients who have been involved in a truck accident ask our Los Angeles truck accident lawyers is if they have to go to trial. The short answer to this question is, it depends. Just as there is no two truck accidents that are alike, there are no two truck accident cases that are a like. Because the facts of every truck accident case are so different, it is extremely difficult to determine whether or not your case will go to trial without carefully examining the specifics of your accident. That being said, almost all truck accident cases do not go to trial. Approximately 90% of all truck accident cases are settled outside of court, and a mere 10% of truck accident cases go to trial in California.

Trials can be very unpredictable. For this reason truck accident cases usually do not go to trial and are instead settled out of court. Trials are unpredictable because a jury is given the responsibility of determining the outcome of a truck accident dispute. Sometimes juries decide cases based on emotion or do not give enough weight to evidence that is presented to them. This to avoid an unpredictable jury verdict, attorneys and insurance companies prefer to settle truck accident disputes outside of court. Moreover, trials can be very expensive, can take a lot of time, and are open to the public. For all these reasons settlements for truck accident cases occur much more frequently than trials.

The experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at California Attorney Group have a vast amount of experience in negotiating with insurance companies to obtain the most favorable settlement you are entitled to. Further, if your case goes to trial our seasoned LA truck accident attorneys will aggressively fight for your rights in the goal of obtaining you a positive verdict. If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident in Los Angeles, contact our friendly Los Angeles truck accident lawyers today toll free at 1-800-337-8547.